Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The Saga of Baby - Part Two of The Birth

Let's see...looks like I left off with wanting to take a poo and the nurse wanting me to practice pushing. Hmmm.

So, we got into position--mom holding one leg and Mr. Clean holding the other--and started pushing on the next contraction. (Mr. Clean did not "look under the hood," in case anyone is wondering. I think that was probably a wise decision on his part.)

Here was the nurse's reaction: "Wow, you're a really effective pusher!" She said this more than once during the first couple of pushes.

The problem with this? After two pushes (well, two sets I guess, since you push around 3 times per contraction) she was a little worried because I was TOO effective. Baby was COMING and the doctor was still moseying on over. Oops. So on the next contraction I was instructed to just relax and not push.

Luckily the doc arrived moments later. Have I told you that he reminds me of Chef on South Park? Big black guy with a deep voice, very relaxed and cool. Oh, and he looks like chef too! He even said something about getting "G'd up" and ready for the delivery. (My mom recalls this--I was a bit drugged out.)

(I have to digress a little here. Earlier in the day the doc didn't have time to come see me when he thought he would. My sister's quip? That he must be "busy saving the world, one vagina at a time." God she's hilarious.)

Back to pushing. Once the doc was G'd up and ready for me, I had to push maybe 4 or 5 more times--yes, really!--and wallah, a baby came out! Unfortunately, she decided to come out like superman in his "up, up and away" mode--one fist in the air. Guess what that meant for me? TEARING. Ugh. So I have stitches. DOWN THERE. Not fun. I think I already mentioned this meant minus points for Baby. (But she gets like +1,000,000 because she's so damn cute now.)

When she came out, it was kind of like having a bowling ball sitting on your abdomen for about 3 months and then someone finally takes it off.  Such a relief!

So Baby was here and healthy, but unfortunately things went downhill from there for a couple of days. That's coming next. (Don't worry too much--we are back on track and everything is all good in the 'hood now.)


VandyJ said...

So sorry oaboutt eh superman pose and tearing. Glad that things are better. Can't wait to hear more and see pics(if you want to post them).

Sprite's Keeper said...

Glad to hear things are better, but the way you finished makes more to the story!

Heather said...

Ouch! The big guy really knows what he's doing when he makes them cute after everything we go through to get them here safely.

Not many people can say they had their baby delivered by a Chef look alike.

I hope you're all healed up now and enjoying your new little one.