Monday, April 12, 2010

Welcome to Motherhood

  • My boobs hurt. Pumping sucks. I'm sure it would be just as bad if she was breastfeeding. Oh, and the onset of mastitis, TWICE, fucking sucks as well. Apparently I HAVE to pump every three hours or my boobs will retaliate. Freaking A.
  • She makes the cutest faces when she's sleeping. And when she's awake. She's just damn cute.
  • She sure shits a lot. Actually, I should say that she sharts a lot. (For those of you not in the know, that's a cross between a shit and a fart.) My god, she is a super sharter. And she alsmost ALWAYS does it when I'm feeding her, so it reverberates through my lap. It has literally STARTLED me several times, it is that loud and powerful. (She gets if from her father. Oh, and she's doing it as I type this. Luckily she's in her bouncy chair. Hopefully it's not another blowout.)
  • Only getting to sleep for about three consecutive hours max really blows. Everyone warned me but you can't possibly understand until it's really happening. 
  • (I decided to change the diaper. There was no poop. Um...that's some SERIOUS gas kid!)
  • Someone asked me if I'm surprised by how many diapers she goes through. No. I am surprised by the number of wipes we've already been through. It's a good thing we got the Costco crate.
  • (Oh, she's sharting again. There's the poop I was looking for earlier. Man, that kid can really blow it out her butt.)
Well, time to go pump. Again. And then take a nap while Mr. Clean takes over Baby duty.


gretchen said...

Okay, I am so unbelievably impressed that somehow, between the sharting and the no-sleep thing, you managed to find the time to redo your header! It looks fabulous.

Make sure you're not eating too many of the "gas inducing" foods. I can't remember what they are now, onions maybe? Try Googling it.

Anonymous said...

And amazingly you'll want to do this all again one day!

Hang in there, mama.

I had a hard time with pumping the first time. What type of pump do you use? I found it better to express just a little milk by hand first and then try to pump. Pumping dry at the beginning bites.

Hope that helps.

Bano said...

Gretchen, I'll have to check into the gassy foods. I'm sure I've been eating all of them, judging by the sharting going on up in here.

Joz - I keep hearing that I'll want to do it again. I guess you forget about how AWFUL labor is and how crappy pregnancy can be and you want ANOTHER one. Sheesh. Smack me upside the head when that happens.

I use a Medela Pump In Style. I actually got it from a lady on Craigslist for super cheap--$75! (New, they cost $280. What a freaking racket!) All I had to buy was the accessory kit which was $30 and order some free (!) tubing from Medela. I will have to try the hand expressing first. Thanks for the tip.

Heather said...

Breastmilk is responsible for those sharts. My son does those too & sometimes I am seriously scared to open that diaper...I'm ready to break out the biohazard suit and some tongs just so I won't have to touch it!! The other day it was right into the tub because of a diaper malfunction that had poop all down his leg and up his belly...once he was in the tub he pooped again, although, it could have been a shart but the water slowed propulsion down.