Saturday, May 15, 2010

better haBITS

Okay, I'm trying to be clever here with a title for my weight loss posts but I'm not sure how I like it. Yay? Nay? Suggestions?


As I previously posted, I'd like to lose the baby weight. I think I declared I was going to exercise three times that week. Um. Yeah. About that. Didn't happen. And last week I exercised...(drum roll, please)...once. For a whole 20 minutes. And I was sore the next day. So very, very sad.

I think I'll try a weekly post about how things are going and really lay it ALL out on the line: what I've been eating (food journal, perhaps?), my exercise (or lack thereof), etc. Sundays may be the best day to do this since I'll have a week's worth of stuff to post.

Hold me accountable, people. And if you're a lurker, COMMENT. Keep my fat ass in check! :) The more, the merrier. In fact, if you're going through the same thing, perhaps we can do something like HASAY up in here? (It was canceled before I could join. Bummer.) And if I figure out how, we can link up and all that crap. (Someone will have to show me, I'm sure of it. Blogger is a bit more complicated than I have patience for.)

Let the better haBITS begin!


Heather said...

I would love to join in on this with you, but, well, I'm lazy. And, I'm just thankful for a shower every day at this point. But I'll cheer you on as I stuff cupcakes in my mouth!

Casey said...

Hah, well I support any and all HASAY spinoffs. We started gung ho with like 40 members and then they dropped off one by one and I was spending more time trying to keep motivated than I was actually exercising so I pulled the plug. Now I'm hitting the gym guilt free. Good luck to you!