Wednesday, July 28, 2010

RTT: I have no clever title ideas today. Deal with it.


This is another one of those "I'm posting Wednesday because BB got shots yesterday" posts. (More on that at the bottom.)

I really hate it when people have conversations during group classes at the gym. I guess a small part of it's the teacher in me--that whole, "Don't talk while the teacher is talking," thing. But mostly it bugs me because I can't focus. It's a distraction. It's like when people talk at the movies. I'm paying a LOT of money for that class (and the day care) and I'm NOT paying to hear you gossip with your shut up and let me sweat my ass off in peace.

Facebook keeps reminding Mr. Clean and me that our anniversary is coming up. I guess that means I'll have to acknowledge it. (Not that I'm not, like, SUPER grateful that he is still putting up with my ass after nine years. The man must have super powers of endurance and restraint or something.)

Still celebrating: I found day care! I found day care! I found day care!

Sonofabitch. The fuckers at my coffee stand upped the price of the daily special. (Insert string of curse words here.) Now it's $2.50. I know that's only 50 cents, but it still sucks. It's just not as exciting. I mean, two dollars was a steal. Now it's just "slightly less expensive than usual." And, quite frankly, I'd rather go to Starbucks instead and use my treat receipt to get a drink for TWO DOLLARS. Yeah, it's a smaller drink. But much tastier. And someone has to support the starving artists/college students/drop outs who work there.

Have you seen "Food, Inc."? It will BLOW YOUR MIND. Did you know that our meat actually gets soaked in ammonia?! What the fuck? Would you like a nice glass of floor cleaner to go with that steak? I mean, seriously. Now all I wanna do it buy organic meat. Not that we eat tons of it anyway. (Which is probably a good thing, based on what I saw.) And did you know that the meat companies actually entice people from Mexico to come work for them illegally and then basically "trade" them (turn just a few of them in) to the immigration people so they won't get completely busted up the ass? CRAZY. Do yourself a favor and sit through it. (If you have Netflix I think you can watch it instantly.)

I keep having these great blog ideas right before bed, as I'm drifting to sleep, and then I FORGET them the next day. I always think I'll remember them and then I don't. Guess it's time to start writing them down.

BB had her next round of immunizations today. She did really well with the whole thing. Of course she screamed her head off and cried like mad when she got the shots, but she actually calmed down pretty quickly this time. She was just fine by the time I had her dressed and in buckled in the car seat and was happily squealing and singing in the car before falling asleep. She took a nice big nap and then had a nice be shit/blowout once she woke up. It was so bad I had to bathe her. Not quite as bad as the Poo-pocalypse, but close. It all stayed in her onesie because it's pasty from the rice but it was completely up her back. Getting her out of the damn thing without getting shit everywhere was impossible, hence the bath.


VandyJ said...

Oh I remember the times when Bruiser had blow outs, not fondly, but I do remember them. They do grow out of it but then it starts to stink more--fun times, fun times.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Congrats on finding daycare!
Those blowouts are never fun, but they make the time fly while you're busy. Or is it they attract flies? One or the other, I'm sure. :-)

Casey said...

Ahh, blowouts. Look out for shit in your eye, nose and face. That stuff splashes.

Glad you found dependable daycare! Yay!

Heather said...

Because I'm a SAHM, the odds are not in my favor...which means I get ALL the blowouts, while hubby only has to hear about them.

I totally write blog posts in my head as I'm trying to fall asleep...and the shit is funny, and I'm all "I could be a comedian", then I fall asleep and when I actually sit down to write something it's a huge yawn fest...and I realize I'm really not funny after all.