Monday, January 18, 2010

How old?

Today I asked someone how old their child was. Her response: 18.5 months. WTF? I am not a mathematician (although I'm fairly good at math in general) and I do not want to have to do mental math when you tell me how old your fucking kid is. Just say one and a half. How hard is that? Why do you insist on putting it in months? And the fraction (decimal) of .5? Is that really necessary?

Now granted I do not yet have kids of my own, and perhaps once Baby is born I will turn into one of those moms that says how old their kid is in months until they are three ("Oh yes, Baby is 36.5 months old now!") but I really hope not. I mean, I get it at certain points (when they are under a year, that's about the only way to state their age) but after year one, it seems ridiculous.

Can anyone explain this to me?


Casey said...

That one always threw me for a loop too. After having kids, I think you're supposed to say months up until the age of two and then from there you say two, two and a half, blah blah. Who the fuck knows anymore. I'm 32 and 9/10ths, that's all I know.

ck said...

Oh it gets much worse than that. Just you wait and see. :)

Heather said...

It used to bother me too before I had my first child...then I started doing it too. You just get so used to doing the whole month by month thing. That and they grow up so quickly that its easier to stay in denial over the fact that your "baby" is growing up.