Sunday, January 10, 2010

If you made the mess...

There is one thing that drives me absolutely crazy every time Mr. Clean and I go shopping: abandoned shopping carts. Why is it that so many people suddenly become crippled after they've put their groceries in their car and cannot seem to then push the cart the five feet or so to the cart return?

Oh no! Now that I've put my groceries in my car, my legs have stopped working! Whatever will I do? Certainly it would be too difficult to put my shopping cart in the cart return. I know, I'll just leave it in the minuscule space between my car and the car next to mine so that:

(a) the cart can later prevent someone from being able to park in the space
(b) the poor idiot who parked next to me will have to move it/put it away so that they can back out of the space without scraping the crap out of their car
(c) the cart can blow into someone's car on a windy day and leave them a nice little door ding
(d) some poor schmuck who works here can earn their minimum wage by cleaning up after my lazy ass

I really think it just comes down to pure laziness. Is it really that hard to put your cart away? What in God's name is preventing you from being a decent human being and cleaning up after yourself? You pushed that thing all around the store, out the door and to your car. PUT IT AWAY. That's all I'm asking.

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