Saturday, January 09, 2010

True Test

The other day my wonderful husband (Mr. Clean) and I decided to buy a closet organizer for the baby's room. I was under the very incorrect impression that we would wait a while before installing it. (Can you tell which one of us is the procrastinator?) However, since Mr. Clean cannot possibly sit still and relax for more than five minutes, he decided to install the dang thing that very evening. And since there are several parts of the process that require an extra hand, I got wrangled into helping.

I have decided that there are at least three things that truly test a marriage. These are:

1. Moving
2. Putting up a Christmas tree
3. Installing a closet organizer

For the record, we have now officially passed all three tests.

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ck said...

4) Anything IKEA related. Including, but not limited to any activity inside the store and the at-home assembling process.