Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Baby Is Born

Baby is officially here! She was born yesterday in the evening after many hours of contractions, not too much pushing and a whole lotta stitches. (Someone decided to come out Superman style, causing mommy to tear. Minus points for you, Baby.)

I feel like I ran a marathon that I was NOT trained for. Everything is sore, from my legs to my shoulders and everything in between.

She looks just like her daddy when he was born. Lots of strawberry blond peach fuzz on her head, blue eyes, and that dreaded  nose. I thinks she got my lips. Not sure about those ears yet...we'll have to see how they turn out.

I'll post more later. The endless stream of visitors, nurses, and other interrupters never ends...


VandyJ said...

Congratulations!! Now the fun starts. Enjoy every minute.

Heather said...

Congratulations! Sorry about the rough delivery...since becoming a mom I can relate to all the moms who make their kids feel guilty with their birth stories.

Don't ya just hate how often nurses etc come in your room? I got more sleep at home, even with my two year old running around barking like a puppy at the top of her cute little lungs.

Hope your recovery goes quickly. If you chose to breastfeed and ever have any questions, please ask away. Breastfeeding is SO hard and it helped me to talk to other breastfeeding moms rather than read about what babies "should" do (like sleep for two hours in between feedings...not always true). It does get easier, the first few days/weeks are rough, but then it becomes just a memory. If it didn't/doesn't work for you and the little one, don't beat yourself up over it...I'm good at making myself feel guilty and I think woman tend to be too hard on ourselves.

Enjoy your new baby and life as a mommy.

Sprite's Keeper said...

Mazel tov! Get your rest while you can! And we hope to see some cute baby pix up on here soon!

Anonymous said...