Tuesday, March 09, 2010

RTT: It's been a while

Dude, I'm exhausted and I haven't even DONE anything. Baby is due Saturday and I can tell we're getting close. Not because I'm dilated or anything though. (Oh no, things are closed up tight. She's patiently waiting for her eviction notice. It'll probably take an act of congress to get her out.)

So me being tired is really why I haven't blogged. Plus, there's not much going on. Life is surprisingly boring right now. (I know, I know. Just wait a few days or so. I'll be eating those words with a side of crow. And hopefully washing it down with a glass of wine.)

Anyone notice I use parenthesis a lot? I love them. My mind wanders a lot and I have all these little "asides" that I feel I must add. Parenthesis are helpful little containers for my randomness. (Anyone remember that song that was like "I love you period/do you love me questions mark/please, please exclamation point/I wanna hold you in parenthesis"? My parenthesis comment made me remember that song. Hmmm.)

There is one parapro where I work that pops into my room every morning and exclaims, "You're still here?!" Um, yeah. I am. If I wasn't, you wouldn't see me. DUH. I know she's just checking in and all, and she really is a nice person, but GOD IT'S ANNOYING AS HELL. Last time I just said, "Yep, I'm here until I'm not here." Because, well, DUH.

A friend is in labor at the hospital and is updating her Facebook every once in a while which I think is AWESOME. Seriously. I can't be there but I can stalk her via Facebook. Plus, now I know that we get free wireless at the hospital. I'm totally bringing my laptop and you'd better believe I will be updating my Facebook status with every contraction. Shit, maybe I'll even blog about how painful it is and WHERE ARE MY FUCKING DRUGS?!? The world needs to know.

Three whole paragraphs without parenthesis. Go me! (What are the odds? Oops. Shit.)

Is it pathetic that I am VERY excited that the dresser we want to get for Baby's room is on sale at Target this week? We were going to get it the week before but decided to wait until Mr. Clean gets paid tomorrow since we were already blowing $125 there that day. (Target and Costco are IMPOSSIBLE to get out of for less than $100. It's a scientific fact. Look it up.) The dresser is like $40 off this week and I am super stoked we waited. It must be a sign...that I need to go spend more money at Target.

Okay, that's all I've got today. Pretty much nothing. Do yourself a favor and go visit someone from my list on the right because they are MUCH more interesting and funny than I am.


Margaret aka: Fact Woman said...

So true about Costco and Target. Never under $100 trip.

I love ()(I really do)

Oh yes you'll be eating those words but you're right- the glass of wine will make it worth it.

I came over from the Un Mom and will be following along now! Good luck with the baby.

Heather said...

Seriously, you never fail to crack me up with your posts.

I love parentheses too, very addictive.

Babies R Us is my "Target". I can always find something in there that we just have to have, like the cutest ever blinged out pacifier even though neither kid uses one. We currently have 4 diaper bags...I had a perfectly good reason for each one too. Now, whenever we go in that store I get "the talk" (lecture) before stepping one toe through the door. The good thing about going shopping with a grabby 2 year old is that it makes you stay focused on getting in & out as quick as possible. I think she's in on this with Hubby who tries to keep me from browsing and finding more useless things we just have to have.

Casey said...

I implore you to tweet your entire labor status as things progress. Hahah. Ok, I don't use Twitter but that would be funny.

Hope you're getting some rest, it's so tiring toward the end.

gretchen said...

Oh, I had a friend who status updated her entire labor too. I'm afraid it was slightly TMI.

I totally agree about Target. $100 EVERY TIME.

Elle Em En said...

No it's not pathetic to be excited about a dresser. I think it's sweet.

And you're totally right Target is a $100 store. But we love it. And $40 off is ALWAYS a sign. :)

P.S. I love parenthesis too. They are just sooo useful.