Saturday, February 13, 2010

Just Swell

My feet are swelling like balloons. I went from no swelling to WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH MY FEET?! overnight. I don't even have ankles anymore, I have cankles. At the end of the day yesterday, they were practically the size of tennis balls. I know it's normal to experience swelling, but this is ridiculous.

Four weeks to go. Four puffy, swollen weeks.


gretchen said...

When my best friend lost her ankles to pregnancy, she started referring to them as "leg bottoms".

ck said...

The good news about swelling is that it disappears after pregnancy and you wind up looking better even faster. I have a friend who gained a TON of water weight - in her hands, feet, ankles, neck - everywhere. Within two weeks of giving birth she looked like she was never even pregnant.

And only 4 weeks to go! You must be so excited/ready for it to end.

Bano said...

I can't wait to drop 12ish lbs. right when she's born. (I've read that's about how much you lose within the first day or two.) Insta-diet! Then I'll just have the other gazillion lbs to deal with.

I am really excited for her to come...and nervous as hell. It's pretty even at this point.

Casey said...

All of my swelling was in my ass and boobs and face, not my legs so I can't help you here but you're in the final stretch. Yay.