Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Pullin' the Plug

Mr. Clean and I attended a prepared childbirth class this weekend. Since I procrastinated and waited until the last possible moment to sign up for a class, our best option was the two Sunday classes that are FOUR HOURS EACH. At least it's not a waste of our time. It was a great experience for Mr. Clean because I've been reading the books but I don't share all of the information with him, so there's a lot he didn't know about. He's becoming well educated in the area of pregnancy and birth. (And he's getting really good at back rubs. We practiced in class but I'm thinking we need to practice at home, too. Just in case.)

Anyway, we've had a joke since around Thanksgiving that Baby might "reach for the plug" and try to come early. Now, I knew about the mucous plug because I'd read the books, but Mr. Clean wasn't aware that there was an ACTUAL plug--until yesterday. His eyes nearly bugged out of his head when they mentioned the loss of the mucous plug during the movie. He leaned over and whispered (grinning like the Cheshire Cat), "I didn't know there was REALLY a plug!" He's still talking about it today. You'd think he'd discovered there really IS a Santa Claus.


I think I might actually watch "American Idol" this year. I got hooked on the auditions somehow and noticed there is some real talent this year. Any AI fans out there? Who do you think is a front runner? I don't know their names, but I sure like the guy that did Paul Abdul's "Straight Up" and that chick with the horrible teeth dreadlocks.


I was reading Heather's blog today and am VERY excited at the prospect of breastfeeding because she lost 20 lbs in like TWO WEEKS. Um, sign me up for that!!!  My goal is to lose all of the 40ish lbs weight that I've gained before the end of the summer. That gives me some wiggle room since I'm pretty sure it won't be as easy to get the gym as it was pre-Baby.

Mr. Clean goes practically every evening. He looks good. None of that sympathy weight that lots of dads gain. Nope. He left it to me to gain all the weight. And then some. Definitely enough for both of us--and maybe for the dog, too.


I really, REALLY hope Baby gets Mr. Clean's eyes. He has these beautiful blue eyes (mine are just poopy brown) and really long lashes. My lashes are blonde and short and if I'm not wearing mascara, I look like I don't even HAVE lashes. I really hope she doesn't get his nose though. Please, dear God, no. It works for him, but I think I would have to put funds aside for a nose job if she got his nose. For her sixteenth birthday she can get a car or a nose job. (Okay, I'm totally joking. Mostly.)


Keely said...

Does your gym have 'baby & me' fitness classes? I did those after my son was born and I was in way better shape than I am now...

Casey said...

I lost all of the baby weight breastfeeding with Graham. Actually, he wouldn't drink from the tap so I had to pump and was basically a human milk machine but it got the weight off. Elliot, not so much.

The childbirth class was ok for us but I wanted to punch all of those glowing moms in the face. They were all standing up talking about how beautiful pregnancy was and I was all "fuck you, bitch". Assholes.

Heather said...

Back jealous! When we took the class with the first pregnancy they encouraged foot rubs and to practice ahead of time because its great pampering for mom to be. I remember getting one before labor and none during the 30 hours of labor. So, please, teach me your trick...I'm not afraid to use guilt or bribery...whatever works!

Thanks for the shout out to my blog. In all honesty half of the weight I lost was baby, placenta and amniotic fluid (baby weighed 9lbs 1 oz) but, I don't care about technicalities at this point because its the only time in my life I can say I've ever lost 20+ pounds in 2 weeks, besides after the birth of both kids.

I'm so rockin' the albino lashes look too if I don't wear mascara. I feel like such a freak without it!