Tuesday, February 09, 2010

RTT: Random Tuesday Thoughts

So even though I have never officially joined the RTT linkup, I am going to participate. Hope that's okay. If not, I guess it's too late anyway!

I had both of my baby showers (family and work) this weekend. Someone told me not to register for or buy clothes because I would receive so many. They were dead on. The grandparents were the worst.  They literally gave me STACKS of clothes. I think I got enough outfits to last a lifetime...if she stayed in the 0-6 month range for her whole life. I'm not really complaining though. I am incredibly lucky to have the amazing support of my family and my coworkers.

I am tired of seeing Facebook status updates with spelling and grammar errors. I'm not perfect in this area, but I'd like to think I'm close. Besides, these are grown ass adults. They ought to know better by now. A friend posted something about attending a "bad suite convention - AKA career fair." Uh, unless you are at a convention about crappy Vegas hotel rooms, you are spelling that WRONG. This guy has been looking for a job for a looong time now. I hope there aren't more errors like this on his resume, although that would explain why he can't seem to find gainful employment. I had another friend that posted about his arms being "soar" after riding quads all weekend. I replied that I hoped he didn't fly away anytime soon. He didn't seem to get it and said he wasn't going anywhere. Riiiight.

I am really looking forward to this weekend. My mother is going to come over and help me get Baby's room finished. This includes painting. I have no idea what color or colors we'll be painting the walls, but I'll let you know when I figure it out. My mom is just about the best interior painter EVER. She's remodeled and painted the interiors of every home she's lived in and has got the whole process down to a science. I think I should hire her out and take a cut of the profit. I could make some good money that way. I'd be like a paint pimp. (Insert joke here. Pregnancy brain won't allow me to come up with anything clever.)


VandyJ said...

My pet peeves had some of the grammatical errors that make me crazy but another one that gets me is the misuse of then and than. they are not interchangable, but lots of people seem to think so. Welcome to RTT.

gretchen said...

I am with you on the misspelling thing. I think that people forget that every damned person they've ever known or will ever know see those status updates. Good Lord.

You know what I got at my baby shower? Blankets. Gazillions of baby blankets. One baby. Maybe 35 blankets. And we live in Southern California.

Casey said...

Welcome to the randomness. Can you please send your mom over to paint for me? I have like five rooms that are in need of painting. Warning: someday soon, you will have dirty handprints on all of your walls.

Bano said...

I have received quite a few blankets. Hopefully she'll need some. I have some other pregnant friends so a little regifting will probably be in order.

Casey, I remember a post from ck about a booger wall. I can handle handprints since Mr. Clean actually leaves them often (his line of work requires him to come home covered in dirt and metal shavings). Not sure about fossilized boogers.