Tuesday, February 16, 2010

To Do List

This weekend my parents visited and we managed to get Baby's room about 99% ready. I feel an extreme sense of relief. (That room was a DISASTER. She would have been sleeping in her bouncer instead of her crib.) However, that relief is going to be short-lived because the to do list is still long...and keeps getting longer.

To Do (preferably BEFORE Baby gets here):
1. Finish and send thank you cards. (To my credit, they are half way done. I have the family cards finished, just not the work ones. At least I won't have to stamp those.)

2. Get the hospital paperwork finished and turned in. (Apparently it makes your arrival easier so you aren't screaming bloody murder, ready to have a baby, trying to remember your address and phone number. Sounds like a good idea to me.)

3. Wash all of her new clothes (and there are LOTS). At least they're sorted by size. Man, she sure got a lot of clothes.

4. Get necessities such as diapers (I have enough for like one week, tops), wipes, and "personal items" (mommies, you know what I mean so I'll leave it at that).

5. Pack the hospital bag. (Hey, what do I need to pack? You people have done this before. Surely you have some amazing insight into this.)

6. About a bazillion other things. Seriously, if told you everything on the list, you would be here forever. (Or, more likely, become seriously bored and leave. Probably the latter. Yeah.)

I only have like 3.5 weeks to do everything. That may seem like forever, but it IS NOT. Plus, I am quite a procrastinator so that's not going to help anything. Hopefully Baby is a procrastinator like me and will stay put until she's due.


Casey said...

Well the kid can (and probably will) sleep in the pack and play in the living room for awhile since she'll sleep ALL THE TIME at first and you'll want to be able to watch her breathe since you're a new mom (I did it with both kids).

Don't wash the bigger sizes, just what she needs now since you'll probably rewash them down the road when you can't remember if you washed them the first time.

Bring socks, your own pillow and blanket, your laptop and DVD's if you have them. Eh hem, lots of maxi pads (eww), toiletries, soda?!? (We brought a twelve pack and our own big plastic cup to use with hospital ice).

Also, remember that newborns don't do much to entertain you so you'll have plenty of free time to get the rest of the stuff done (or make your husband do it).

Heather said...

Casey had a lot of great advice. I probably shouldn't give advice since I went in with 2 pillows and a huge suitcase...and it was my second time, you'd think I would've been able to streamline a little better. I also brought lip balm, bottled water and snacks. If you have decided to breastfeed you'll find yourself hungry all the time, so snacks are a must. Good luck!